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Italy Food and Wine Tours

3 regions food & wine tour

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italy food & wine tours


A Food & Wine Tour for those who wish to explore the culinary specialties of Sicily, while they also enjoy the varied sites and cities the island has to offer. We offer two versions of the program, featuring the best of the East and West coastal regions.

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food & wine tours tuscany


Each day the Food & Wine Tour provides an opportunity to visit the Chianti wineries and restaurants in the region. You will meet wine producers and local chefs; take part in a hands-on cooking class, in addition to visits to the local of the food markets.

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italy food & wine tours - piemonte - cinque terre - emilia romagna

3 Regions

We welcome you to join our Food & Wine Tour – combining 3 of the best regions of Italy for food, relaxation and wine – Emilia Romagna, Cinque Terre and Piemonte! Together they offer the ideal settings to experience the best in Italy’s gastronomical assets.

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italy food & wine tours


Our Puglia Food & Wine Tour offers its un-spoiled setting to experience the regional food and wine. You will meet with the local wine producers; take part in a hands-on cooking class, in addition to excursions to visit the beauty of the surrounding countryside.

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