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Palio Tickets Siena 2023

 Our Palio Tickets Siena 2023 packages offer each customer our 25 years of experience with this unique event. We offer not only our intimate knowledge of il Palio, but also what is important for you – a variety accommodation options, key activities; all combined with select Palio ticket locations (the most important item!).

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Hotel Package

Our Hotel Ticket packages provide a selection of accommodations with a choice of Palio Tickets, plus Contrada Dinner tickets, Siena City tour with entrance to a Contrada Museum, Horse Blessing and the Historical Parade.

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Villa Package

We present our Tuscan Villas, all selected for their amenities, but also for their relative location and convenient distances from Siena; the combination allows for a special week of relaxation and the Palio.

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Siena Apartments

Our Siena Apartment Packages offers select options allowing you to to be a part the magic during the city’s most unique and historic event. Each package includes Palio Tickets and the pre-race invitation only Contrada dinners.

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Palio Video Gallery


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17 Contrada of Siena


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