Travel Insurance Options

We advise customers to consider insurance needs in relation to travel, accident, medical and personal coverages. You may wish to consider travel insurance, especially a policy with CANCELLATION PROTECTION (a/k/a CFAR Policy – “Cancel For Any Reason”).

Travel Insurance Review: a new website can help travelers understand the types of travel insurance and find the best policy for their travel needs. The site features reviews, definitions, articles, and other useful guides. Here is a link:

Travel Insurance Q&A: 7 Things You Should Know

Most premiums cost very little, but if needed the policy can be very useful for travel to a foreign country or even before departure in case you need to cancel a trip.

We do not supply insurance coverage, however, we can suggest the following comparison website and a few companies for your own review.

Compare Policies:

For US residents: AIG Travel Guard, ARCH RoamRight or Nationwide.