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Campo Apartments and Suites

Our Campo Apartments and Suites, located directly on Piazza del Campo, provide ultimate and exclusive first hand viewing of the Palio ….

Perfect for the opportunity to view the Palio in comfort on the Day of the Palio (July 2 or August 16) or for private Overnight Accommodation.

costarella campo apartment


For the Day of the Palio

private apartment w/ 2 windows at start line

Features 2 windows over the Start/Finish Line

Each window is suitable for up to 3 persons.

Light food and drink refreshments are included.

Restroom is available.

Price for each Window:   Euro 4.000,00

** Booked for July 2023

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due terrazza campo apartment

Due Terrazza

For the Day of the Palio

2 balcony exclusive for up to 12 persons

Overlooks the area of the Start/Finish line.

Offers 2 balcony; in total for up to 10 persons.

Light food and drink refreshments are included.

Restroom is also available.

Price for Exclusive Use:   Euro 12.500,00

** Booked for July 2023

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san martino balcone apartment

San Martino Balcone

For the Day of the Palio

private apartment w/ balcony over San Martino curve

It overlooks the San Martino curve.

The apartment features a large private balcony.

Balcony is suitable for up to 40 adults.

Light food buffet and drink refreshments provided.

Restroom is also available.

Price for Exclusive Use:   Euro 18.500,00

** Booked for 2023

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san martino finestre apartment

San Martino Finestre

For the Day of the Palio

3 windows over San Martino curve

Apartment overlooks the San Martino curve.

The apartment features 3 windows;  Each window is suitable for up to 4 adults.

Windows can be reserved individually.

Light food and drink refreshments provided prior to entry.

Restroom is also available.

Price for Each Window:  Euro 3.500,00


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Campo Suites

Offers overnight Accommodations

2 units, each w/ its own Private Balcony

Palio Package Price:
2 persons @ Euro 4.240,00 per person

Palio Package Dates: 4 nights; July Palio (In June 29 – Out July 3); August Palio (In Aug 13 – Out Aug 17) your travel dates may differ (or you may wish to stay less nights), but cost of the package is the same.

Palio Package Includes: Apartment + Private Balcony + Trial Races + Contrada Dinner + Private City Tour + Horse Blessing + Historical Parade + On-Site Support

The Campo Suite is an elegant and spacious unit we can offer for overnight during the week of the Palio. With its private balcony it provides an incomparable view of Piazza del Campo. You can keep it to yourself (2 persons) or invite friends and family (up to 2 additional persons) to join you on the day of the race (Euro 490 for each additional person).

Special Notes: Additional persons should be added at the same time as the initial reservation; otherwise they are subject to approval at the time the request is made to include extra persons.

Two other units (each for 2 persons; but that do not have their own campo view balcony) are a part of the same property; each unit has its own private entrance and comes with the same style and amenities. These units can be booked along with the Campo Suite package; or combined with other tickets options. Please ask for a price quote.


  • Daily breakfast served in the room from 8:00 to 10:30
  • King bed
  • Showered bath
  • Daily cleaning service
  • Air Conditioning
  • LCD Flat Screen TV (w/ sat-cable channels)
  • Wi-Fi Internet
  • Mini-bar

Check-in: 15.00 (3pm) / Check-out: 11.00 (11am)
Not Included: Siena City Tax

** Booked for July Palio 2023

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More Details

Program Details

Palio Dates: June 29 to July 2 or August 13 to August 16

The Palio is a 4 day festival. Below we have outlined the activities relating to the event over the four day period and how you can enjoy them as a part of your own reservation Hotel/Ticket Package.

Day 1: (June 29 or August 13)

Arrive and check in to your hotel or the Campo Suite. Of course you should take an opportunity to explore the city and all its medieval charm. It is a city full of artistic heritage and architecture. The first of the trial races (tickets are included according to your reservation) can be viewed on this evening.

Day 2: (June 30 or August 14)

A day for countryside excursions on your own or consider more of our Additional Options to enhance your experience. In the evening you can take part in a cooking class followed by dinner based on your menu preparations (cooking class in conducted in both Italian and English). This option is priced separately. For more details, visit our Palio FAQ in the tab section.

Day 3: (July 1 or August 15)

Typically the day offers your Siena city tour, including an exclusive visit to one of the Contrada museum (morning and afternoon times are scheduled). Mid-day provides our optional Chianti Wine tour with a visit and lunch to an historical winery near Siena. Later, in the evening you will have the opportunity to attend one of the Contrada banquet, invitation only dinners where the many members and supporters for each Contrade will dine al fresco in their own neighborhood within the historical city. Between the wine, the food and the friendliest of atmospheres, you will surely begin to understand how the Palio is more than just a horse race.

Day 4: (July 2 or August 16)

A full day of Palio related activities, before the final race in the evening. The morning brings the final trial race, then around 2:30pm opportunities abound as the individual horse blessings begin to take place and the contradaioli (Contrada members) begin their parade in medieval costume through the city, stopping at various key points to display their colors and flag waving skills. All paths will eventually lead to Piazza del Campo, where in the late afternoon (5:00pm), the formal historical parade will begin. This colorful pageantry is followed by the most famous horse race in all of Italy – Palio di Siena.

Day 5: (July 3 or August 17)

After morning breakfast, for most it will be time to check out of your hotel (or the Campo Suite) and continue with your travels. If you looking for other sights in Tuscany please let us help you with our daily tours that feature the beautiful sights and hill top villages of the region or if you need private transfers to Pisa, Florence or Rome, these can also be arranged. Please review in our Transportation Services tab.

Campo Apartments and Suites

A visual photo of the options and descriptive ticket locations in the campo can be seen below.

Our Apartment and Suite options that overlooking Piazza del Campo are: Campo Suite w/ overnight options; CostarellaBargello, Centrale and San Martino (all for day of the Palio).

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the race run for the Palio in Siena?

Since the mid 1600s the Palio di Siena has been run in the city’s famous city ‘square’, Piazza del Campo. The piazza is not in a typical square or rectangular shape, but more in the shape of sea shell, curved at the top, flat on the bottom. The race is run (3 laps) in a clockwise direction around the piazza on the clay “track” that is layed down in the campo a few days before the race.

Where are Campo Apartment & Suites tickets located?

Our Campo Apartment & Suites tickets are in the 4 description location sections of the campo. A visual of these general descriptive ticket locations can be seen in the photo provided under “Ticket Locator” tab. These ticket options are located at the Start/Finish Line – Mossa or away from the start line at the Casato, Fonte Gaia and as well over the famous San Martino curve.

Is it possible to have a private apartment or window?

Yes – individual windows can be reserved for private use; naturally it depends on the size of your group. Please contact us with any custom requests.

Are there refreshments, drinks and or food available? Is there access to restrooms?

Our Campo Apartment & Suite locations provide refreshments and food items or snacks, plus access to a restroom.

Tell us more about the hotels or other accommodation options?

Our base package (3 nights) provides a choice of 3, 4 or 5 star hotels in Siena. Our Days of the Palio Tour package offers 5 nights with a special hotel property (Le Fontanelle), which is located just outside of Siena, in the Chianti region. Additional accommodation options include Tuscan Villas outside of Siena that can be rented during the week of the Palio. We also can offer a series of apartments located in the historic center. Please ask us for details on these options.

We will arrive by car, do the hotels provide parking?

Hotel Athena, Hotel Garden, Palazzo Ravizza, Borgo Scopeto and Borgo Grondaie provide for parking and it is included in your package; Grand Continental, Relais degli Angeli and Hotel Santa Caterina offering parking options, but the cost is extra and to be paid directly to the hotel.

What is included in the Le Fontanelle 5-night package?

The special Days of the Palio Ticket package includes: 5 nights accommodations at Le Fontanelle, plus your choice of Palio Tickets for the respective race (July 2nd or August 16th); the historical parade that precedes the race, opportunity to witness the horse assignments, view a trial race, reservations to a Contrada dinner (night before the race) and our exclusive City/Contrada Museum tour. It also includes a Chianti Winery tour (with lunch) and all the transfers to/from Siena (according to the daily schedule), a welcome dinner at the Borgo, plus our On-Site support. Transfers and the transportation provided with this package is exclusive for our Borgo Scopeto clients. The package begins June 28 (for the July Palio) or August 12 (for the August Palio).

Is there a reason to stay in Siena for more than the 3 nights?

Yes. The Palio festival, in both July and August, is actually over 4 days. The first day of each festival is devoted to the selection and random assignment of the horses (Tratta) to the 10 Contrade. This activity takes place in Piazza del Campo between noon and 1:30pm on either the 29th of June (July race) or August 13th (August race). Later, in the evening, the first trial race (Prova) is held. Since horses who may have won previous Palio can be in the lot of 10 horses, their assignment to a particular Contrada is considered a great start to the festival for those Contrada who are so fortunate – even without such fortune, the excitement and or emotions of the Contrada members are on full display in the campo for all to see during this critical moment.

Do any of the Siena hotels have a direct view of the campo?

No. There are no hotels in Siena that ovelook the campo.

What happens if it rains?

If there is rain on the day of the Palio (July 2nd or August 16), making the track conditions not suitable to run the race, then the race will be rescheduled for the next day (July 3rd or August 17) or even the day after if necessary. Your tickets, are good for the race whichever day it is run. Unfortunately there are are no refunds if you are not able to stay over for the rescheduled race. Tickets for a respective Trial Race can be honored on the mornning or evening race the day after a cancellation, subject to availabilities. Tickets for the Contrada Dinner are not refundable if the activity is cancelled due to bad weather conditions or otherwise cancelled by the respective Contrada, since this activity cannot be rescheduled.

Will there be someone in Siena to assist us?

Our tour director and other company personnel will be in Siena for the Palio. They are available to answer any questions you may have during your visit to Siena. Please note, however, Our Palio Special Event Package, (“Package”) is NOT an Escorted Group Tour. The Package is a combination of services and products designed for independent travelers that wish to enjoy the freedom of an un-escorted trip, but with the convenience and value of a package price. Our clients do come together for the City Tour and the Contrada Dinner. As well for the options of the Cooking Class and or the Chianti Wine tour. The Package does not include transportation, transfers, tour escort (other than on guided Siena City Tour), or any services not explicitly listed on the invoice provided to you for your reservation. If you wish to have such additional services, please let us know as they can be added to any Package reservation.

If we cannot make our trip, what is the cancellation / refund policy policy?

Palio Tickets are non-refundable. However, resale provisions are given in case of cancellations – please see our Terms and Conditions for further details in regard to Tickets and Package reservations for the Palio.

What do we receive to confirm our ticket purchase or full package reservation?

For full Package reservations, you will initially receive an email and document to confirm the details of your reservation – in the weeks prior to the event, we will email a time line summary for your hotel reservation, Palio tickets, city tour, and Contrada Dinner or any other options or services you have booked. Instruction on “how to arrive” to your ticket location will be given when you receive your tickets in Siena.

When will we receive our tickets?

Actual Palio Tickets for the race and reservation tickets for the Contrada dinner will be given to you in Siena. The specific location for “pick-up” and times of operation will be given in your ticket package documents. Once your reservation is confirmed and fully paid for, a detailed ticket information document will be emailed to you, listing all the necessary Siena contact information. Our tour director and other company personnel are in Siena for each race and will be in available during the days of the festival in order to help you with tickets or other festival related issues. We do not mail Palio tickets for several logistical reasons, primarily to avoid any problems (i.e. lost in the regular mail; forgotten at home).

What time does the race start and end?

The time to be in your reserved Campo Apartment ticket position is by 4:30pm; in most instances the race/event will over by 8:15pm.

What happens after the race?

After the winning horse/jockey crosses the finish line, a full celebration of the winning Contrada will begin (as one could expect). Once this celebration starts there is no time limit; eventually the winning Contrada members will make their way with their winning horse and jockey to leave the campo, passing Fonte Gaia and exiting the campo at San Martino. In July, the winning Contrada take their celebration to the Church of the Provenzano; in August the initial celebration finds its way to the Duomo (Siena Cathedral). Eventually the winning Contrada will make their way back to their own neighborhood to continue their celebrations. These celebitory actions are not “closed” to the public.

Does the Palio ticket allow you to witness the horse blessings?

The horse blessings are a featured activity with your package; however, a ticket is in fact not actually needed to witness a horse blessing. They take place in the early afternoon on the day of the Palio (approx 2:30pm) in the respective churches of each Contrada. As part of your ticket pacakge, you will receive suggestions on which blessing to witness and where these are located.

Is parking available if we arrive by car for Trial races or on the Day of the Palio?

Yes, there are defined pay-to-park (blue line) areas and also pay-to-park covered parking garages around the perimeter of the historical city. From these areas you would then walk in to the city center. With the many people arriving, naturally the earlier you arrive, the more chance of finding a spot to park.

Are there other activities or celebrations in conjunction with the race?

There are several activities to be aware of. On the day of the race (July 2 or August 16) the ‘horse blessings’ begin at about 2:30pm (2pm in August) in the respective churches of each Contrada. This activity is free, but obviously you will give way to any Contrada member before entering the church; the ‘in city’ parade begins after the hourse blessings; the historical parade begins in the campo just after 5:00pm (a little earlier in August); the historical parade lasts approx 2 hours; the race gets ready to begin after the parade is completed. After the race by tradition, the winning Contrada will leave in celebration from the campo to go first the Church of Provenzano (July race) or the Duomo (August race). Afterwards they will proceed to their own neighborhood church and for more celebrations.

Is there a required attire for the different functions i.e. contrada dinner, cooking class, wine tour, museum tour, race, etc??

There is no particular “dress code” for any of the functions/activities.  It is basically casual clothing and according to the weather and tempature. However, our suggestion, NO beach wear (“ie. tank tops, flip flops), in particular for the contrada dinner.

Our children will join us on this trip – can they attend the Palio? Are there discounts for children?

Yes, children can attend, but suggest the minimum age to consider is 5 years. Unfortunately, discounts for Palio tickets are not able to be offered for children.

What is featured in the city tour and contrada museum; how long does it last?

The city tour lasts about 1.5 hours and includes the major highlights of Siena, including the most unique part of the tour, a visit to one of the Contrada Museums. Each Contrada (17) has their own museum, which contains many historical and artistic pieces, representing the history of the Contrada and Siena. One of the items of interest are the victory banner taken by the Contrada when it wins a Palio. During the Palio, only through a special reservation request can one access these museum treasures. Our hotel/ticket package provides you this special reservation.

What is the ‘Contrada Dinner’ and who attends?

Known to the Sienese as the ‘Cena Prova Generale‘, each of the 10 Contrada who will participate in the race will hold and invitation-only dinner in Siena the night before (thus on either July 1st or August 15th). The setting for each dinner is outdoors in a special street or piazza within the respective Contrada (district). Depending on the size of the Contrada, some dinners are served in this fashion for well over a 1,000 Contrada members and their guests. The dinners are by invitation only (you cannot arrive in Siena and simply walk up to purchase a ticket). The dinner while of course festive is also a way to raise money to support the financial needs of the Contrada. The dinner is 4-courses, served with wine and of course the ambiance of a very special evening.

In which Contrada will we have our dinner?

The selection for the Contrada is naturally based on who runs (only 10 of the 17 Contrade are in any one race). We personally know individuals in many of the Contrade, so we are sure to have these very special tickets to offer to our clients. You will be informed either prior or on your arrival in Siena as to which Contrada dinner you will attend. Our tour guides and or company representatives will be at the dinner(s) we choose to attend.

What or when are the Trial Races?

There are 6 trial races (prova) during the 4 Days of the Palio. The most exciting of these are the 3 evening prove (7:00pm on June 29, 30, July 1 or August 13, 14, 15) – members of each Contrada will be in the campo to support their cause. Trial Race Tickets are optional. The additional cost is 85 (Casato Windows) or 120 euro per ticket (1 ticket is required per race). Of the 3 evening races, the most typical choice is the last one on either July 1st or August 15th, known as the ‘prova generale’, given it precedes the Contrada dinner (Cena Prova Generale) held later in the evening. Unlike the final race, there is not a parade or procession prior to any of the trial races; the entry time is therefore much later, recommended at 7:00pm pm. Also please note for various reasons, trial race tickets are generally not in the same location as your Palio Tickets (read more details below).

What is provided by the Chianti/Tuscan wine tour?

The tour (offered July 1st or August 15) departs Siena at 11:00am and returns by 3:30pm, transportation included. The tour will include history of the winery, and a cellar visit, plus a tour of the wine production facilities and wine tastings. After the tour, you will be treated to lunch at the winery. Cost is 85 euro per person (minimum participation required).

Can you tell me more about the cooking class options?

A special cooking class will be arranged for our Palio clients (June 30 or August 14). Cost is 90 euro per person. The classes are offered in the historical center of Siena. A dinner time format (typical 5pm start). The class includes professional instruction, recipe booklet, your participation in the preparation of the menu entrees and afterwards the enjoyment of your efforts with a three course meal with wine (minimum participation required).

Transfers & Transportation

The following transportation services are offered to assist your arrival to Siena. Prices are each way. The services includes private A/C vehicle, English speaking driver, all road tolls, fuel and taxes. For any transfer, extra wait time is calculated at 50 per hour, either during the transfer service or while awaiting delayed flight arrivals.

Transfers TO / FROM Siena
1 - 3 Persons
4 - 6 persons
Rome Center or Airport (FCO)
€ 440
€ 460
Rome Seaport (Civitavecchia)
€ 370
€ 390
Florence Center or Airport (FLR)
€ 180
€ 190
Florence w/ stops (up to 2 hours)
€ 270
€ 290
Pisa Center or Airport (PSA)
€ 260
€ 280
Cinque Terre
€ 450
€ 470
From Areas Just Outside Siena
€ 100 - 160
€ 120 - 180
Waiting Time
€ 50 / hr
€ 50 / hr

Travel Insurance Options

We advise customers to consider insurance needs in relation to travel, accident, medical and personal coverage. You may wish to consider travel insurance, especially a policy with CANCELLATION PROTECTION.

Travel Insurance Review, a new website can help travelers understand the types of travel insurance and find the best policy for their travel needs. The site features reviews, definitions, articles, and other useful guides. Here is a link:

Most premiums cost very little, but if needed the policy can be very useful for travel to a foreign country or even before departure in case you need to cancel a trip. We do not supply insurance coverage, however, we can suggest companies for your own review.

For US residents we recommend AIG Travel Guard.

Terms & Conditions

Our Palio Special Event Packages (“Package”) are NOT an Escorted Group Tour. The Package is a combination of services and products designed for independent travelers that wish to enjoy the freedom of an un-escorted trip with the convenience and value of a package price. The Package does not include transportation, transfers, tour escort (other than on guided Siena City Tour), or any services not explicitly listed on the invoice provided to you for your reservation. If you wish to have such additional services, please let us know as they can be added. The support for the program comes from our own on-site personnel and other professionals who we know personally and have worked with for many years.

Payments: Full payment is required for all Campo Apartment options, Centrale Office/Suite and 50% for the Campo Suite apartment/ticket package. Payments can be made by direct credit card (VISA, M/C, AMEX) or by Euro bank transfer.

Credit Card payments can be processed in EURO currency or in USD and in the latter, any Euro pricing will be processed using a financial EURO/USD exchange rate based on market exchange rates at the time of the payment.

Ticket Delivery: Actual Palio Tickets for the race will be given to you in Siena; either at your hotel in Siena or a determined meeting point. Once your reservation is fully paid, a detailed ticket information package will be emailed to you, listing all the necessary Siena contact information, ticket vouchers, plus (if determined) the pick up location. Our tour director and other company personnel are in Siena for each race. We do not mail Palio tickets for several logistical reasons. Only one set of tickets is printed in the weeks prior to the race dates. Actual tickets are claimed in Siena for the respective races (July 2 or August 16th) to avoid any problems (i.e. lost in the regular mail; forgotten at home).


Customer Cancellations: If you are not able to attend the Palio and wish to cancel your reservation and your notice to cancel is received and if another buyer can be found for the Campo Apartment, Centrale Suite or Campo Suite Tickets (the Package), then the Company can provide for a refund for the resale price of the Tickets and or Ticket Package (and any parts thereof), net of any transaction costs so incurred, including but not limited to credit card service charges, reservation transfer fees and or commissions.

Palio Tickets (and certain hotels) if provided as part of your Campo Apartment Package are not refundable regardless of notice to cancel.

Refunds for hotel accommodations that have been combined with any Campo Apartment tickets that are cancelled will be subject to the following refund schedule:

Prior to April 1st: Refund, less 25% of total cost, net of Tickets;
After April 1st: No refunds (unless hotel accommodations can be resold).

Deposits and or Payments on Campo Suite, Grand Continental, Relais degli Angeli and or overnight Siena Apartment accommodations are non-refundable (unless the accommodations can be resold).

COVID-19 Travel Restrictions: Effective May 29th (for July Palio) or July 15th (for August Palio) of the year in which your reservation has been provided, if you are unable to travel due to restrictions placed on international travel for your country of departure due to COVID-19 or if such restrictions exist in Italy for incoming visitors that prevent you from arriving to Siena, then your reservation (and any payments) can be transferred to the Palio in the following year. Any remaining payment schedule will remain in effect. If you are not able to attend the race the following year, then we can resell the package (accommodations and or tickets) in order to provide for a refund (net of any transaction costs so incurred, including but not limited to credit card service charges, reservation transfer fees and or commissions). There are no refunds, nor will reservations be transferred if you are not able to travel due to testing positive for COVID and are therefore prohibited from any public transportation or for boarding an airplane.

Rescheduled Race: In the case of rain, the Palio race will be rescheduled to run on the following day. Your tickets are valid for the rescheduled race. If the July 2 or August 16 race is rescheduled to a date in the same year, your tickets are valid for the rescheduled race. There are no refunds if you are not able to attend the rescheduled race. If the race is cancelled and not rescheduled in the current year, then your tickets a valid for the race in the following year. If you are not able to attend the race the following year, then we can resell the tickets in order to provide for a refund (net of any transaction costs so incurred, including but not limited to credit card service charges, reservation transfer fees and or commissions). Cancellations of any trial race, or the Contrada Dinner or City Tour due to weather conditions are not refundable. No refunds are made for unused portions of any reservation, including but not limited to missed meals, missed guided tours, Tickets (includes airline tickets), or non-use of hotel room or property rental.

Cancelled Race: If a Palio race is cancelled until the following year, then all reservations will be transferred to the following year and have priority over any equivalent reservation that is in place for that following year. (i.e. cancelled 2021 race reservations will be automatically transferred to 2022 and when an existing 2022 reservation is the same or has conflicting items (accommodations and or tickets), any transferred 2021 race will have priority over the equivalent 2022 reservation). If the transferred reservation confirms for the following year, then the conflicted reservation will be given the options of: 1) alternative accommodation or tickets; 2) the option to be transferred to the next year (ie 2023); 3) offered another travel program; or 4) will be offered a refund.

Passports & Visas: All customers must posses a valid passport and/or any visas or special travel documents that can be used a proof of citizenship. The Company accepts no liability for clients improperly documented. For holders of U.S. passport: the passport must be valid for at least six months beyond your planned date of departure.

Travel Insurance Protection: To cover costs associated with your reservation, the Company encourages you to consider purchasing a travel insurance policy. The Company does not supply or support any one company in this regard but can make suggestions as to the companies that provide this service – see these options are found in the adjacent TAB (“Travel Insurance”) or at the link at the bottom of this webpage “Insurance”.

General Conditions & Disclaimers: Confirmation and payment of any reservation constitutes acceptance of the financial agreements between the Company and the Customer and the provisions of this agreement are in effect. The Company is acting as a tour operator responsible for arranging reservations for the services as outlined in the website It is the customers’ responsibility at all times to familiarize themselves with the travel requirements and to ensure that they are compliant with all the applicable Government regulations related to COVID-19. Please note that should you fail to adhere to these regulations, and such failure results in a financial loss in respect of the booking, the Company shall not be liable for such loss. Duly note that we have no special knowledge of suppliers’ financial condition. All suppliers providing transportation, guided tours, and lodging for the Company have no legal affiliation, nor are they employees of the Company. The Company assumes no responsibility or liability for any claims, damages, expenses or other financial loss, whether to person or property, arising from or resulting from other suppliers, but losses are not limited to, injury, accident, death, delay, alteration or inconvenience, by whatever cause, including airline scheduling, default, strike, terrorism, war, hostility, civil disturbance, quarantine, pandemic or resulting directly or indirectly from any other acts of nature. Under no circumstances is the Company to be construed as a Common Carrier under contract for safe carriage of the passenger or his/her baggage and personal belongings.

Atlantic Ventures USA, Inc. (the Company) is registered as a Seller of Travel in the states of Florida, Registration No. ST-33263, doing business as Palio Tours ( The Company is not liable in respect to personal injury, loss or damage of personal property or loss of life, while engaged in the tours or other services provided herein. The Company is not responsible for third party cancellations for any reason due to unforeseen circumstances and or those beyond its control. It is recommended that clients arrange travel insurances for medical, personal, property, or cancellation.