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il Palio - Reservation Overview

Welcome to our Palio Reservation Information Dashboard

Details are provided below to answer questions you may have regarding your reservation and the event itself. You can also select from the categories below to find out more details regarding YOUR Reservation. Once you have had a chance to review this information if you have any additional questions, or decide you need additional services, please do not hesitate to contact us. You may also wish to review the Customer TRAVEL RESOURCES (links in the left margin of this webpage) for helpful information regarding travel in Italy and emergency telephone contact numbers.

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Palio Tickets (2 July or 16 August)

Palio tickets will be in one of the categories listed below; the time to arrive (as noted below) to your respective ticket locations pertains to the July Palio; for August Palio you should anticipate to arrive 20 to 30 minutes earlier.

Grandstand Seats (Palco)
Arrive to the campo by 5:00pm; see the map link above ("MY TICKETS") to identify the proper entry points according to the grandstand section you have been assigned. At the time for the race, the "main entrance" to the campo (Costarella) will be blocked; So there are 3 entry points to suggest as avaialble to use 1) Chiasso del Bargello; 2) Vicolo d' San Paolo; 3) Vicolo d' San Pietro. You can enter one of these points, show your ticket and pass under the grandstands to enter on to the track. From there you can find your section (#5, 23, 24, 27, 28, 33). The campo entry points and the respective palco numbered sections can also be viewed here: Palco Section #

Suggest to be at the entry point between 4:30pm and 5:00pm (note that some locations will not provide for entry until 5pm) Please note the the entry point / address location will be or is given on your ticket (or voucher). It is not necessary to enter earlier in the day, since there is nothing happening in the campo prior to these times.

Arrive at 5:00pm for the balcony at Casato, Fonte Gaia, or Mossa. For a balcony's entry point, find the address location given on your ticket (or voucher). It is not necessary to enter earlier, since there is nothing happening in the campo prior to this time. The various balcony ticket locations will be more clear once you have your actual tickets and instructions on how to arrive will be given in your orientation meeting (or otherwise when you receive your tickets).

Day of the Palio (2 July or 16 August)

Times are below are given for July Palio; for August Palio the times are typically 20 to 30 minutes earlier.

2:30pm: Horse Blessing (30 minutes earlier for August Palio)
Horse/jockey blessing; held in each of the churches of the respective Contrada that are in the race. Some churches are easier to access than others; suggestions on which horse blessing to witness will be given during your client orientation.

3:00 - 4:30pm: Parade in the City
Each Contrada will be represented by a small group of members in medieval costume, drums and flags, using this time to parade through the city, stopping at various key historical locations, palazzo and piazza. Eventually they will pass and enter the Duomo, before making their way to the entry point for Piazza del Campo (Casato di Sotto) and the line up in formation to begin the Historical Parade (Corteo Storico).

5:20pm: Historical Parade (30 minutes earlier for August Palio)
This parade in the campo will begin with the presentation of the Carabenari; the historical parade follows, lasts for approximately 2 hours and concludes with the presentation of the drappellone - the Palio Banner which will be awarded to the winner.

7:30pm: The Race (20 minutes earlier for August Palio)
The horses enter the campo and advance to the start line.

Contrada Dinner (1 July or 15 August)

You will receive tickets to one of the Contrada Dinners, held on the evening before the Palio race. Each ticket will give a combined Table (letter or number) and Seat number, or simply a sequential Seat number. The dinners will begin at approximately 8:45pm; this time is subject to the completion of the trial race which takes place before the dinners and or the decision of the respective Contrada. Do not proceed to take your seat until the Contrada has decided to begin the dinner. At that time all guests and members will be invited to enter and locate their seats. The dinner concludes at approximately 11:30pm.

You can view the location of the various Contrada dinners with this google map: Contrada Dinner
Which dinner and suggestions on how to arrive will be given in your orientation meeting.

The meal will be 4 courses (naturally of Italian food). A dinner is prepared for 900+ persons in each Contrada. Individual entrees for vegatarian diet or lactos intolerant ingredients or to meet various allergie issues are unfortunately not possible.You can of course substitute an additional antipasta or pasta dish for the meat entree.

Dress Code
Recommend casual wear, appropriate as a guest for such an evening and according to the weather. While some may consider to wear them, no jackets for men or formal dresses for women are required, but as well, clearly not a place for tank tops or "flip-flops".

We are "invited guests" to the Contrada dinner. The dinners are part of the social aspect of the event and an important aspect of life in Contrada. DO NOT think to wear the scarf of another Contrada to the dinner you have been assigned to attend, simply because prefer its colors or you favor it as "your Contrada". For this special evening you are the guest of a particular Contrada. We ask that you respect the Contrada and their traditions.

Trial Race Tickets (29, 30 June, 1 July or 13, 14, 15 August)

Tickets for Trial races can be included in your package (their cost is Euro 65,00 per person). If they are part of your reservation, the tickets provide an apartment/window location from which to watch the respective trial race you are reserved for. The entry point (at 7:00pm) is Chiasso del Bargello, n. 4. (see map diagram). The evening trial races will concluded by approximately 8:00pm. For the trial races, since most grandstand (and even some balcony) ticket locations are controlled by the Contrada for themselves, we are not able to necessarily duplicate the same locations for both trial race and Palio tickets.

City Tour / Contrada Museum

Dates / Times
You will be assigned one of our tour guides (please see your summary documents for his/her name); they in turn will have your names. While most of the tours will be conducted on the 1st July or the 15th August, dates and time can vary according to your specific reservation. Please refer to your reservation documents for the name of your guide, the meeting point and the date/time of your tour.

The city tour is a walking tour and it will last approximately 2 hours. One of the primary functions of this tour is to have entrance to one of the Contrada Museums. The tour does not include or enter the Duomo or other museums.


Restaurants and Dinner After the Palio (dopo palio)
The standard for restaurants in Siena is actually quite high, thus there are many to choose from. Following basic guidelines, we would recommend by category: Ristorante: Le Campane, Le Logge or al Mangia. Le Campane is open menu; Osteria Le Logge and Ristorante al Mangia offer set menus for the dinner after the Palio (cost is Euro 70,00 to 95,00 per person) - reservations and prepayment are necessary for these two restaurants. For reservations with other restaurants with an open menu, in most cases you can decide once you have arrived in Siena. For Trattoria: La Tellina and for Osteria: Pretto. The Palio race and its immediate aftermath in the campo will conclude at approximately 8:15pm. Restaurants understand it is not a "precise" time; thus for making dinner reservations for after the race, you can certainly indicate a time, but otherwise it is understood to be "dopo palio" (after the palio). A recommended list for Siena restaurants can be viewed here: Siena Ristoranti

Weather Conditions / Cancellations
If there is rain on the day of the Palio (July 2nd or August 16), making the track conditions not suitable to run the race, then the race will be rescheduled for the next day (July 3rd or August 17) or even the day after if necessary. Your tickets, are good for the race whichever day it is run. Unfortuantely there are are no refunds if you are not able to stay over for the rescheduled race. Tickets for trial races and or the Contrada Dinner are not refundable if the activity is cancelled due to bad weather conditions or otherwise cancelled by the city or respective Contrada, since these activities cannot be rescheduled.

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