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Food & Wine Tour - Tre Regioni

emilia romagna

Emilia Romagna - Cinque Terre - Piemonte

We welcome you take part in our Food & Wine Tour - combining 3 of the best regions of Italy for food, wine and relaxation - Emilia Romagna, Cinque Terre and Piemonte! As a part of our Food & Wine tour series, these 3 regions, together offer the ideal settings to experience the best in Italy's gastronomical assets. Each day provides an opportunity to try the best wines and food served by the wineries and restaurants in the region. You will meet the local chefs and wine producers; see your menus prepared, take part in hands-on cooking classes (or enjoy the experience of the Alba Truffle Festival); in addition to the excursions and tours to visit local food markets and the surrounding countryside to see first hand the many sources of the ingredients so important for great Italian food and wine.

SPECIAL OPTION - Alba Truffle Festival (Piemonte) will be included with the October tour dates!

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What's Included Summary

  • Accommodations for 8 nights
  • Winery Tours - Tastings
  • Special Dinner and Lunch Meals with custom menus
  • Visits to local food markets
  • Cooking Class with local chefs
  • Guided excursions + City tours
  • Daily Breakfast
  • Transportation
  • Airport Transfers and baggage assistance
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Customer Comments

" ... we enjoyed everything... thinking of the trip and all in all I think you have it right.... the trip was great! "

Alan P. (USA) - 3 Regions Food & Wine Tour / May 2014

" ... Again I want to thank you for a fabulous trip. I was with a friend … and I was telling her and showing her pictures of the trip. She kept saying she has never seen me so exited about a trip before - it was wonderful! "

Marcia G. (USA) - 3 Regions Food & Wine Tour / May 2014
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