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Opera Tour - FAQ

What is included with our Opera tour?

Each Opera tour program includes: city center hotel accommodations, daily buffet breakfast, guided walking city tours and escorts on any excursions. Opera tickets include 2 performances in Verona (3 performances for the last tour dates). Performance tickets for la Scala are extra and subject to availability. The base package provides for connections between cities to be completed by private ground transfers between cities. Private transfers from/to airports are also provided. Airfare is not included in the price.

Where are our Verona Opera tickets located?

For the package we select reserved seats on the steps of the arena. A permanent chair (w/o legs) is affixed to the marble steps of the arena for your reserved seat. Given the larger size of the Verona Arena stage and its set design, we find this location offers the best value, while giving a full view of the setting and the performance before you. Reserved seating is also available on the floor of the arena for additional cost.

Where are our La Scala Opera tickets located?

The tickets are offered based on availabilities for floor seating, box locations and or galleria. Prices are based on the performance and seating location.

How long before the tour starting date will I be able to make a reservation?

If space allows we will accept reservations up until the start date, as long as hotel rooms are available. In this case payments must be made in full at the time of the reservation and cannot be refunded.

How will I be notified if my reservation request has been accepted?

Your initial request will be responded to within 48 hours, usually by email. Once your deposit has been received, an email or written confirmation will be sent. You will also receive a trip package no less than two weeks prior to your departure date, which will include all related tour information, vouchers and or useful travel related items.

What if the tour is fully booked when I make my reservation?

You will be placed on our Waiting List. If space becomes available we will notify you immediately to confirm your interest.

What if I change my mind?

To cancel or modify your reservation, you must contact us in writing or by email; faxes are not acceptable.

If I decide to cancel what happens to my deposit or total funds paid?

In the case of a 'Tour" if you cancel in writing within 30 days of confirming your reservation, all funds paid will be refunded. If you cancel after 30 days of your reservation date, the schedule of administrative and penalty fees as defined in the TERMS & CONDITIONS will apply. Special Events and Special Event Tickets have their own cancellation policies and are defined in our Terms and Conditions.

What hotels are used during this tour?

Our primary hotels for the Opera tour are Hotel Spadari (Milan), Domus Nova (Verona) and Locanda Orseolo (Venice). We identify hotels based on price, location and overall service for our clients. Other hotels may be selected should the primary options not be available for your selected travel dates, or sufficient rooms to accommodate you or the group.

Will my room(s) have a private bath?

Yes. All the hotels we select have private bath.

Can I visit other cities while in Italy?

Yes. We can help you with your travel before or after our tours or special event packages.

What documents are needed for travel to Italy?

It is the sole responsibility of each customer to obtain the necessary documents for travel, including passports and visas. This is why we request your passport number on our reservation form. It acts as a reminder to insure you not only have your passport handy, but that it has not expired since your last usage.

Should I exchange currency before I travel?

You have several options here. First it doesn't hurt to have a small amount of foreign currency with you when you arrive in any country. You may want to purchase a quick refreshment upon your arrival. We also strongly recommend to bring a debit card. It can be used to retrieve foreign currency (exchanged, of course, from your U.S. bank account) from the ATM (BANCOMAT) machines available in many convenient locations, city center, airports, train stations, etc. They provide a good, competitive rate of exchange, plus you'll probably find an ATM before you locate a bank or currency exchange office which, depending on the hour, may or may not be open.

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